All are welcome - All are worthy

As we say each week in our Call to Worship, we welcome those who walk to our gathering and those who drive; those who sleep in homes, in tents, or on benches; those who are struggling, hurting, or lonely; those who are first-timers and those who are long-timers. We welcome all no matter whom they love or where they are from. We welcome Christians, questioners, doubters, seekers, nonbelievers, and visitors from other faith traditions. All who gather are the members of our congregation.

Faith Leaders

Periodically, we have "Faith Leaders" gatherings. All are welcome to participate and shape the vision of our community. We meet at a Greenfield restaurant for a simple meal and to discuss spiritual topics and ideas for our worship gathering.


"I participate in Cathedral in the Light because it is a place where I can fully be/become my beloved self. I participate in Cathedral in the Light because I want all people to have a place where they can be/become their beloved selves."




We welcome those who wish to share their faith, love, and messages of hope with others.  As an ecumenical ministry we invite pastoral support from many people throughout Franklin County and beyond. In sharing our ministry we hope to offer God's message of grace and hope for all.