We primarily draw on Christian scripture and rituals in our worship. However, we seek to be universal in our message. We believe that God is still speaking through all of us, so our definition of "sacred" is broad.

Devotional readings usually come from The Bible, but might also come from other spiritual sources or even popular culture. Our hymns are also diverse. You might find yourself singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" or Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz."


Cathedral in the light is a sanctuary where all are affirmed as worthy. We seek to create a space safe from unkind words or gestures. We honor each member of our community as avbeloved child of God. We bless our worship gathering as a holy space where God's light shines through for all.



The spirit of fellowship is fostered by the structure of our worship. Every community member is invited to perform a role in the liturgy. We also exchange the peace with one another and share prayers and testimonies. We practice open communion. There is a place for everyone at our table.

After the worship gathering, fellowship continues at the Greenfield Common picnic tables, where we eat a hot meal together. 



Every worship gathering is followed by a hot meal. Meals are provided and served by our Ministry Partners, local indoor churches who support our efforts to make sure everyone in our region has enough to eat. Meals begin at approximately 2:45 PM.  All are invited to join us for the meal.