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The donate button is not working at this time, but we are always in need of your support.  We are a tightly-budgeted ministry and rely on outside funding. 

Donation checks can be mailed to;   Cathedral in the Light, 

 867 N. Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01002

We can also use seasonal items that we give away to people in need.   

And, we always need Community Partners.

Most important is Your presence.  We would love to have you join us any Sunday.

Contact; 413-246-8854

BECOME A Community Partner

We are community supported.  Our meals each week are prepared, provided, and served by our Community Partners.  Community Partners are churches, businesses, clubs, and organizations, and individuals who seek to support this meaningful ministry and to offer and share a hot meal to satisfy the many hungers we have.

To Learn more about becoming a Community Partner.   Contact Chad Wright

BECOME A Music Minister

We enjoy a cooperative music ministry.  We welcome any musicians who are willing to come share their music and faith with us. 


Learn more about becoming a Music Minister. 

Contact Lance Humphrey . 413-246-8854

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